David Lindes's People Photography Portfolio

This page is currently in its infancy, as historically I haven't spent a huge amount of time on people photography... But I'm starting to do more of it, and thought I could stand to have a place to show off what I've got so far -- so, here are some samples, in several categories:

Studio portraiture:

I've done relatively little in this category as yet, mostly because I don't (yet) have any studio lighting (or backdrops, or space) of my own. However, I'm expecting to get some at some point, and I have used other peoples' equipment a few times in the past (and likely could again -- or could rent some, if a shoot comes up before I've purchased my own). Here are a couple of examples of that:

Female portrait

Male portrait

Natural/available light -- indoors:

I also really enjoy doing photography in existing light scenarios, especially relatively low-light scenarios.

This first image was really just a quick snap-shot at an opportune time, so it's got an un-clean background, but hopefully it gives an idea of what I can do with natural lighting:

Man and daughter, snap-shot

A much more extreme (by design) example of low-light photography of a person -- in this case, a glass blower at work:

Glass blower at work

I also enjoy doing candid shots at weddings and other gatherings (though I have not (yet, anyway) ventured into the realm of full wedding "packages"); here's just one example of that (I have more; ask if you'd like to see them -- see also the outdoor ones, below):

Bored Kid at a wedding

Natural/available light -- outdoors:

Some more wedding shots -- first, a posed portrait of a guest (who happens to be my mom):

Wedding portrait

And a candid, of the flower girl:

Flower girl candid