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Update: tinurl now has a TinyURL Preview feature, which presumably obviates the need for this site. Feel free to continue to use it if you like, but you may not need to anymore.

(Note: I leave it entirely up to the user of this tool to determine whether or not entering a url into it violates in any way any usage agreement, policy, or other such impliment of the folks over at TinyURL. This has been a CYA statement. Thanks for reading it.)

(And if you happen to be a TinyURL person, do feel free to "rip this off" for use on your site. It was an idea someone suggested (he said he wished it was on your site, actually) on an on-line forum I was on; it seemed a useful idea, so I whipped up this little CGI. Oh, and if you have any questions or whatever, send them to misc-tinylookup@daveltd.com.)