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Dave Yes, this is actually a nickname. My real name is David, my full name is David Alexander Lindes. I actually go by David more often than Dave, so I'm not sure why this page (and one or two of the parent pages) use the name "Dave", but, well, I don't mind being called that, so I guess it's OK. :-)
Little Caesar This one comes from my affinity for having more than one of a thing. ("Pager Pager", "Phone Phone", "Computer Computer", "Car Car", etc, etc. Not all of these actually still apply (in fact, I'm not sure any of them really do), but I leave it up here because ... well, I dunno, I just do. ;-)
Goliath This one can be attributed to a time when I used to spend a fair amount of time with a particular other "David". The group of friends that we shared at the time deemed us "David and Goliath". (Note: this also has roots in the simple fact that I am a relatively large member of the human race.)

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