24-hour watch links

To start things off, here are some links to relevant places... I'll leave my personal story below.

Ah, the wonders of a 24-hour watch...

Yes, that's right! I actually _have_ my 24-hour watch! Finally!!!! Yay!!! :-)

So, as some readers of this page undoubtedly already know (though I'm sure there are others who don't), I've been on a quest for something like 4 years now for a watch with the following characteristics:

That's about it, though of course some of the above involved subjective opinions about appearance and such, which are hard for me to put into words, so it's conceivable that someone might come up with a watch that they think meets the above needs, but that I still wouldn't like it. ;-)

But I've found such a beast! And I like it a lot! It's a Glycine watch, from their AIRMAN 2000 series. Here's a review (with pictures, etc.) of an almost identical watch. The differences between the watch reviewed and the watch I got are simple:

  1. I got the stainless steel bracelet instead of the leather band.
  2. I got it with the optional glass back.

I just got the watch yesterday (well, it was yesterday from when I wrote this... I don't know when you'll read it), the 5th of May of the year 2000. So I haven't had it long, but I am never the less quite pleased thus far. It seems to be keeping _excellent_ time (I'm pretty sure it's drifted less than 2 seconds, if even anything close to that far, in the last 28 hours), it's reasonably comfortable (every watch I've ever worn has given me a tad bit of discomfort for me after wearing them for a while, so I don't know that there's any way to change that, but this one is certainly no worse than any other, and it's better than some), it fit right out of the box (of course, this is largely due to the fact that I gave the person who I ordered it from (of Falcon Watch) my wrist measurement), and I like the way it looks (I've even gotten positive comments on its looks from a woman I know who I find attractive... woo woo! ;-)

So what now? Well, other than the fact that I plan on having this watch for a good long time, I also hope to put some small amount of effort in making it easier for others to find such watches. I plan on going to watch and jewelry stores and showing them my watch and asking them why they don't have such things; I plan on using this web page as a resource point for folks who are looking for such a watch; and I plan to make efforts to just generally raise peoples' interest in buying such watches. ;-)

For now, though, I'll leave it at this:

  1. If you'd like to talk to me about my watch, or about how you can find one for yourself, or whatever, send me e-mail at misc/watch/24-hour@daveltd.com, and I'll try to give you what info I can.
  2. I will leave the rest of this page in tact, as it has at least one or two links that may be useful... At some point, though, I'll clean it up to be more concise, and more focused on what actually is out there, rather than on the specific quest that I was on. ;-)


David... at 14:19 PDT, or 21:19 UTC (yup, my watch told me both, without me having to do any math. ;-), this 6th (my watch told me that part, too) day of May, 2000 (this I had to know, though. ;-)

UPDATE: I have ordered a watch!!!

I haven't received it yet, but here's a review that someone did of basically the exact same model (the only differences are that I got the stainless steel bracelet instead of the leather band, and I got the mineral glass back. :-)

More to come... (and in the mean time, the rest of this page stays unaltered, 'cuz I'm lazy. ;-)

Help me find a watch!

I've been looking for a long time for a watch with a 24-hour dial on it. I've found a place to get wall clocks this way, and I've found some vendors that have watches of this sort, but they all are either too expensive (I don't want to pay more than a few hundred dollars or so for a watch), or too cheap (I actually bought one, and liked it quite a bit, until it broke.)

Which one should I get??? One of the Glycine's perhaps? (I think these guys are my current favorites, based on a combination of factors... but they're not perfect. Also, which one?) Or something else referenced on this guy's page???

If you have thoughts on the above, or know of another place where I can get such a thing, please let me know!!

Oh, and in case any of you are wondering what I mean by this "24-hour dial" concept, Here are some samples of things I've found on the web, but which I either haven't yet figured out how to buy, or which are too expensive, or which I'm just still trying to decide on:

The Raketa.  I actually have one of these already,
	but it's mostly dead (not entirely surprising, it was
	cheap from the start).  :-(

A random side-note, wow... I want one of these! ;-)