David Lindes' Degree Confluence Visits

Here are the records of my visits to various Degree Confluence's. The index is simple, the individual entries are more interesting. Right now there's only one, but I present them in an ordered list on the assumption that I'll be visiting others as time goes on (that's certainly my intent).

Note: The dates below are listed in standard ISO format.

Successfuly completed visits:

These are records of visits I've made already, and in which I successfully made it to the point in question (at least according to the DCP rules):

  1. 38° North by 123° West -- at the lovely location of Point Reyes. Visited on 2001-01-09, it was my first confluence, and a solo mission.

Unsuccessful attempts:

None at this time, but I imagine it's inevitable, so I'm going ahead and putting this section here. :-)

On my list:

In other words, some confluences I'd like to visit in the near future:

Note: comments on prior-visits-status are, of course, subject to being wrong, given that this web site is likely to be updated much less frequently than the DCP page.

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