David Lindes' Glass Photography Portfolio

This page is a work in progress, but here are a few photos I've taken of glass art. Currently, all the pieces pictured here were also created by me, but I'm open to doing photos of other peoples' work (at which point I might very well add selections of that work here).

If you're interested in hiring me to photograph your own glass art, please contact me

(Note: there's also some lampworked glass work shown in my jewelry portfolio, so check that out, too.)

Blown Glass:

Glass Caress

Here's a shoot I did for a friend of mine, of her "Glass Caress" product. (Her web page isn't up yet, so I'm withholding a link -- but feel free to contact me if you'd like one/some, and I can pass the info along to her.) (Click images for larger versions.)

Glass Careess massage ball, Amethyst Glass Careess massage ball, Ruby Glass Careess massage ball, Gold Topaz Glass Careess massage ball, Emerald Glass Careess massage ball, Sapphire

Wedding Vase:

Wedding Vase

Pumpkin-stemmed goblet

Being used here as a candle holder:

Pumpkin-stemmed goblet

Fused Glass:

Crazy Chess Board:


Crazy Fused-glass Chess Board


Not so crazy on the back side