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Latest status: This page is no longer really being updated. This is because:

If you still find this page helpful, or otherwise want to contact me for some reason, please feel free, but be aware that this has dropped significantly below my radar.

-- David Lindes, 2001-03-06

(The rest of this page is left unaltered for now, for reference purposes in case anyone needs it.)

'freeware' inst images of BIND 8.1.2 are available.
Feel free to download and install them from (Note: Those images are _not_ the latest version of BIND, and it is not currently being maintained (by me, anyway))

Hi all,

As many of you have likely noticed, there hasn't been much in the way of updates here, and for a while, releases of BIND from ISC did not compile on IRIX. I believe I'm back to this, so please send me mail if you're still having problems. I tried 8.2.1 on IRIX 6.5 with gcc from freeware, and it worked without incident (a few warnings, but no errors), so it looks like someone got a fix in... Thanks! And sorry for my lack of support, but again, I think I'm back in the swing of things. (A month off really helped. :-)

As the maintainer of the SGI IRIX port of ISC BIND, I figure it's my duty to put out some information about current issues, so that you can get patches and help without having to wait for the next version of BIND to be released.

Please note that I am only the maintainer for the IRIX port of versions 8.1 and later of BIND. I did not write, nor do I consider myself to be commited to help support, earlier versions of BIND, or BIND on other operating systems. I may be able and/or willing to help with such, but I make no promises here. :-)

Folowing is a list of issues that I know of that exist with the 8.1.2 (Note: I do not currently have a list of issues for 8.2.1, I'll be working on that shortly, though) version of the IRIX port of BIND. If I have a patch for that particular issue, you can follow the link for that specific issue, or check the patches directory, which contains all the patches that I currently have available.

There are currently no patches available for BIND version 8.1.2. If for some strange reason you want to see the info for 8.1.1, see the BIND 8.1.1 version of this document.

Another note: "DNS & BIND" 3rd Edition has been released! So now you can read from a great book about all the new BIND 8 features. Among other places, I'm sure would be happy to sell you a copy.
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