David Lindes
PO Box 14440
Seattle, WA 98114-0440

  • UNIX Sys-Admin
  • C programmer
  • Web Author (occasionally... ;-)
  • Remedy Admin (used to be, mostly)
  • Perl hacker
  • Starving Artist (starving for more time to be artistic)

Welcome to Dave's Page!

Some information about me:

My full name is David Alexander Lindes. I usually go by David, but some people call me Dave. I have some other nicknames too...

At last update of this paragraph, I was 30 years old. (Much of this page was written when I was 22, though, or 25... yowza. This page is ancient. It needs an overhaul, too. Ah well, it's getting it in little pieces. :-/) Since I don't change the page much, though, I'll just let you know that I was born on the 3rd of February, 1974, at 17:47 PDT (yes, Daylight time in winter that year in California), so that you can do the math yourself if you want an up-to-date number. :-)

Projects/hobbies/etc. of mine:

(more could be listed, and perhaps eventually will be, but breathe normally in the mean time, I don't update it much. ;-)

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