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As the maintainer of the SGI IRIX port of ISC BIND, I figure it's my duty to put out some information about current issues, so that you can get patches and help without having to wait for the next version of BIND to be released.

Please note that I am only the maintainer for the IRIX port of versions 8.1 and later of BIND. I did not write, nor do I consider myself to be commited to help support, earlier versions of BIND, or BIND on other operating systems. I may be able and/or willing to help with such, but I make no promises here. :-)

Folowing is a list of issues that I know of that exist with the current (8.1.1 as of last writing) version of the IRIX port of BIND. If I have a patch for that particular issue, you can follow the link for that specific issue, or check the patches directory, which contains all the patches that I currently have available.

Click here to download (or here to view) the latest patch file for all of the above issues (all the ones that have a patch available, anyway)

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