ttyload fan mail

I don't really know exactly why, but for some reason, I feel like fanmail is interesting, and I've now gotten a couple of pieces of it, some of which I will share. Basically, sharing the ones I found to be amusing in some way, rather than just plain "hey that's neat" or "hmm, could I do <garble> with that?" or whatever.

(Yes, if you send me fanmail, I may put it up. I don't guarantee that I will, and, unless you specifically request it, I don't guarantee that I won't. I will keep things anonymous, though.)

Here's an e-mail from "Derek". I find it amusing because of the "screen shot". Thanks, Derek!

file attached.
not really a screenshot but hehe.
neat program, i have it on my console display for one of my systems on a shelf.


And here's what was attached: