Welcome to DaveLtd.com

Welcome to DaveLtd.com, home of DaveLtd [TM] Enterprises and David Lindes.

This is the home page of David Lindes (me), and my not-really-a-company (yet...???), DaveLtd[TM] Enterprises. DaveLtd[TM] Enterprises may some day become a real company, I don't yet know, but for now, it's just a bit of fun with naming, that can be attributed to my friend Jon. If you're curious, see more information about the name.

I don't have much other information about the "company" yet, but check out these other pages of mine:

Note: the following is all super old, and... I've done a little pruning, but it probably needs more, and could be replaced with stuff more aligned with my current thinking. But, I've at least gotten rid of some of the worst offenders...

Advertisements for causes I believe in:

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Companies I have worked for in the past:

Isilon Systems, Inc. Chrome Tiger Software Counterpane Internet Security, Inc. SGI GNAC (Global Networking And Computing)

Or any other organization, concept, company, or random other web site I happen to feel like advertising:

Powell's Books

And yet more links, which I don't have a (happily sized) logo for: