Macro (and semi-macro) shots

Just some random shots I've taken with my new 100mm f2.8 canon macro lens... Not all of these shots are truly "Macro", but they're all at least somewhat close-up. And of course this is just the beginning... Much more to come, for sure (I've just gotten back a bunch of eye pictures from the lab, not all of which are yet in digital form, and I've got 3 more partially-exposed rolls waiting to be filled in after I figure out what exposure settings I like from my first shoot with the MT-24EX "twinlite" macro flash (which I also just bought... oi, photo spending spree!)... etc.).

A heterochromic eye the eyes of a friend of mine Lilies, semi-macro some sort of flower (anyone know?) and some sort of spider-ish thing, up close and personal