The photography of David Lindes

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The occassional photo:

For a while, I was putting up a new picture up here each week. Lately, I haven't been touching this page very often, though I have been posting a new photo every single day in 2006 on my flickr photostream, so for the very latest, check there (though I'm hoping to start updating this more often again, too). That said, I still update this every once in a while -- just no longer once per week, so I'm calling this "the occasional photo" now. Here's my most recently published (here) photo:

The photo for Friday, March 24th, 2006: The Ghosts of No Evil

The Ghosts of No Evil (Katie Davis)

Katie Davis (singer/songwriter, whose music I definitely enjoy, so check it out, and help make her famous, so I can say "I knew her when!" -- not that I know her terribly well) was the model for this shot, the concept of which I'd been wanting to do for a very long time.
[FYI: more information on how this was done, along with a larger version (via the "All Sizes" button) can be seen on flickr.]

See also: Past Photos of the Week (so-dubbed from when it really was weekly... but the "occasional photo" entries go there now, too.)

More photography:

I have many many many more photographs. Of these many, a few of them can be found on this site, or linked from here...

I tend to take a lot of pictures for a while, and then not many for a while, and then a lot for a while, etc., so the speed of additions are hard to predict, but surely there'll be more to come as time goes on. Here are some of the categories of photography I've tended to explore (and other related links):

If you think you'd like to purchase prints of any of my work, or commission a work from me, or simply have me take pictures of you to add to my collection... for any of those reasons, feel free to contact me, and/or see my portfolio (a work in progress). I imagine something can be arranged.

Links to other photo sites:

The following sites (and/or specific images) are sites with photos that meet one or more of the following criteria: (a) they explore similar concepts to some of my own work; (b) they have shots that inspire me; and/or (c) they give interesting technical information. I otherwise have no affiliation with any of these sites; I just thought I'd link to them.