David Lindes' Time-Lapse Photography

Just the beginnings of things, for now -- much more to come. After recently purchasing the TC-80N3 timer-remote, I can now take time-lapse pictures with my Canon EOS 10d... so... I'm experimenting with that.

Here are a few early attempts (more to come; the ones here so far are mostly just about testing out the new gear).

The moon, crossing the sky

Some key images, for reference:

moon1 ==> moon4 ==> moon7

The moon movie:

Or download it -- you have three resolutions to chose from: Movie icon The moon, small (about 700KB), Movie icon The moon, medium (about 2.5MB), or Movie icon The moon, big (about 7MB)

Fountain fun:

A longer movie than the moon one, this movie shows people having fun running in and out of the big International Fountain at Seattle Center, from an angle where a rainbow was created every time the water got high enough.

A sample frame:

International Fountain at Seattle Center

The fountain movie:

Or download it -- you have three resolutions to chose from: Movie icon The fountain, small (about 3.8MB), Movie icon The fountain, medium (about 9.7MB), or Movie icon The fountain, big (about 24MB)

Future plans:

I've got plans for a lot more time-lapse work... here are some notes:

Coming soon (for some value of "soon"):

Stuff I have specific plans to make happen, and/or have already done some work on (i.e. pictures have been taken, but some issue or other is keeping them from being available just yet):

Time-lapse links:

A few random links to other sites of and/or about time-lapse photography:

Future plans (some day):

A few of the things I want to capture at some point:

I'm sure more ideas will strike me, as well. (And if you'd like to commision something, do feel free to contact me. :-)