How to contact David Lindes

Here are some ways to contact me (listed in approximate order of preference):

Electronic Mail These days, what with all the spammers, it's hard to give out an e-mail address and have it stay spam-free. My last name at the domain (minus www) that this web page is on can work, though it's only checked occassionaly. You've got a better chance of actually getting me, though, by appending something to the pseudo-word "misc" followed by a hyphen, before that same domain name. Sorry to have to be so obfuscated about it. If it's a problem, just call. Or write your congress people and ask them to pass tougher anti-spam laws. And for fuck's sake, never, EVER, buy anything from a spammer. (It only encourages them -- and unless you've read Don't Shoot The Dog, you may very well not realize just how much one little purchase does encourage them.)
Home Phone +1-206/599-6041
Other websites You can find me on flickr, and various other places.

For other options (mobile phone, home address, etc.), please contact me some other way first.

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Current info: Modified 2010-08-17