The glass of David Lindes

A few pieces I've made:

Blown Glass:

Wedding vase

I ended up giving this vase to my sister and her groom for their wedding gift (it's about 5" tall, for reference):

Wedding Vase

Pumpkin-stemmed goblet

Being used here as a candle holder:

Pumpkin-stemmed goblet

Fluted Bowl:

(I need to re-scan a few of these shots or otherwise fix the color balance... ah well; perhaps one day.)

Fluted Bowl

Swirly Vase:

The overall item:

Swirly vase

And some close-up shots, to give a better feel for the colors:


Detail of swirly vase, front-lit


Detail of swirly vase, back-lit

Fused Glass:

Geometric Plate:

Geometric Plate

Crazy Chess Board:


Crazy Fused-glass Chess Board


Not so crazy on the back side

(You can expect more to come as I photograph more of my work...)

Photography for hire

If you'd like to have photographs of your glass (or other art) work taken, please contact me and let me know. I'm relatively new at this, so I'll try to give you a reasonable rate if you help me build my portfolio.

Information about glass:

I've been learning a lot about glass lately, and here are some general informational resources about glass, that I've found (or made) useful, and so I'm linking to them:

Local glass resources:

Including places I've been taking classes to teach me about various forms of glass work, places to buy glass, etc. For now, it's mostly Seattle-based, as that's where I'm currently living, but I'll link to a few other places too.

Seattle glass resources:


Glass Supply:

Bay Area glass resources: