David's Low-light photography

The following are a random selection of low-light photos I've taken. I also did a little write-up on low-light photography concepts, which has some of the same images, and some others as well. Anyway, here are a few shots I like:

Pool Break:

For a long time, I've had the idea of capturing a break on film... I finally did so, and here it is:

Pool Break in progress

In the glass studio:

Gating with hot glass:

"Gating" is the action, within the field of glass-blowing, when you move the piece out of your way so that you can sit down at the workbench, or, as happens to be the case in this photo, so that you can stand back up (perhaps to re-heat) Here, you can see the person, vaguely, the glass and pipe in various stages of movement, and of course the furnace, pipe racks, and a heat shield (for the glory hole that's just out of frame) in the background:

Someone 'Gating' during the glass-blowing process

At the glory hole:

The "glory hole" is where folks go to keep their glass pieces hot while they're working on them. Here's a shot of Jessi, who was my T.A. in my first glass blowing class, reheating a piece. I love the way the glow reflects off of people when they're reheating; alas, this shot is somewhat underexposed, and the digital version doesn't help (the slide has much more detail in the shadows). I still like it, though:

Jessi at the glory hole

Seattle at night:

New Years Space Needle Fireworks:

Space needle fireworks, New Years, 2005:

Note: You can now purchase merchandise, with a version of the below image printed on it, from my Space Needle at New Years shop; You can also contact me if you'd like to have other products added to that store, or get a professional print, or the like.

Space Needle on fire, 2005

Here's a shot from the previous year. Alas, the position that I took on Queen Anne Hill wasn't the best, because the direction of the wind kept the smoke partially between me and the needle. (Ah well... there were even more problems that night; but I'll leave it at that ;-)

Space Needle on fire

Seattle Skyline at New Years, 2004:

This shot was taken just a little after midnight on New Years morning (i.e. January 1st), 2004. Yes, I know there's a wire (actually several, but one that's particularly obvious) going through my shot... I even knew it at the time, but I gave up on finding the "perfect" position to shoot from, and just shot where I was... I could probably photoshop it out if I tried, and I'm sure to take other night shots of Seattle, so... hopefully you won't mind too much. ;-) Anyway, here's the shot:

Seattle at night

Ferris wheel:

The ferris wheel at Seattle Center, spinning around:

Ferris wheel -- moving


The fountain at Seattle Center (not long after sunset, if memory serves -- you can tell that the westerly sky is still brighter than the east; this shot is from the south looking north towards Queen Anne Hill, upon which you can see the radio towers):

The fountain in Seattle Center

Other miscellaneous shots...

Bumper cars at Seattle Center; one (well, two) of them caught in the act of some bumping:

bumper cars at Seattle Center

The search-light tower at the Palo Alto airport. No parking there, I guess. ;-)

The SGI "cube" at night:

I got sick of all the AOL CDs I used to (and probably still do) get, so one day, I decided to have a little fun with one of the metal tins they came in: